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  • Kathleen Florentine

The Five Playlists You Need for Finals

Whether we want to admit it or not, finals season is coming. Prepare yourself with these five mini playlists!

We’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel - the holidays, New Years, and most importantly, winter break! But before we actually get there, we still have a few weeks of work left - and for some of us, that means it’s finals week.

Make this finals season a little sweeter with some new playlists to get you in the mood for studying, whatever that situation may be. Check out our five mini playlists below to get a jump start!

The “I’m Ready to Spend the Day in the Library and ACTUALLY Study” Playlist

Finals are on the horizon, and there’s no time for playing around. You need to focus with some lo-fi!

There’s a reason why on Spotify, many of the top playlists under the “focus” category are full of lo-fi. I love throwing it on when I need to work because it’s enough to drown out the noise around me without being distracting.

Of course, you could go to the always-streaming “lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to” from ChilledCow on Youtube, but I prefer to make my own playlist so I can go back to my favorites later on! Check out some of my favorites below to help start your playlist.

The “Crowd Pleaser at the Study Session” Playlist

If you’re hosting a group study session at your place, you’ll also need to be ready to supply the jams.

To be real, creating playlists for any gathering, big or small, makes me a little nervous. You want to play songs that you know people will love, with current hits and some classic indie throwbacks, but you also want to include some songs that’ll (hopefully!) have them asking, “Yo, who is this?”

This’ll change depending on your audience, but hopefully, these five tracks can get you started!

The “Study Break Dance Session” Playlist

You can only study for so long, and what better way to spend your break than dancing off that stress?

When it’s coming down to the wire during finals season, it’s too easy to find yourself in the same place without moving for hours at a time. Not only is this terrible for you physically, but not taking occasional breaks is an easy way to burn yourself out.

You could do one of the great study break ideas from out article from last year <> or you can throw on some jams and dance like no ones watching for a bit! Try out the playlist below for your next break, and hopefully you’ll feel a little more refreshed!

The “I Have A Final At 8 AM and Have to Study All Night” Playlist

Okay, things are starting to get serious. You need a playlist to keep you up through the night.

Full disclosure: I am much aware that all-nighters are terrible for you, and really are not effective for studying. But that certainly hasn’t stopped me from pulling a few before early exams, and hasn’t stopped most people I know.

For nights like these, I need music I can blast loud from my speakers (but not so loud as to keep up my roommates, of course.) Check out these five songs that are perfect for rocking out to!

The “It’s Finally Over!” Playlist

Whether or not you feel confident afterwards, you’ve still made it through to the other side!

To celebrate the end of a semester or a big project, I like to throw on some of my favorite tracks and just relax. So, while this last playlist might not be perfect for everyone, it is for me - here’s five songs I can’t stop listening to and will for sure be blasting on my way home for winter break!

Hope you enjoy these songs, and good luck! Ace all of your exams!