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  • Samantha Ray

Quiz: What Famous Concert Venue are You?

A concert venue is so much more than a building or a location: it has its own personality! Take this quiz to find out which famous concert venue matches your personality the most. 

Every person that loves going to concerts has at least one favorite venue. The history, vibe, and overall appearance of the place combine to give the venue a life of its own. Whether you're an avid concert-goer, enthusiast, or rookie, this quiz will help you find out the famous concert venue that is most similar to you! 

One reason these concert venues are famous is because they’re so amazing, just like you! Whether you’re on vacation in one of these states or just passing by, don’t forget to visit these great venues while you’re there to experience the magic firsthand. While Christmas is just around the corner, a concert in one of these venues would be the coolest gift. With that being said, your friends at For Hits and Gigs want to wish you happy holidays!

We want to know your results! Don’t forget to share which famous concert venue you got with our socials. 

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