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Just Quarantine Things

Folks, I write this from the shelter of my home, am I under quarantine? No, not yet, though I don’t suspect I’ll do a full social distancing unless totally necessary. What I am here to talk about this evening is the new world freelance artists are entering, it's no secret the music industry has been hit hard. SXSW was canceled, Coachella postponed, and multiple artists have canceled their tours to ensure the well being of the masses. While this is an altruistic decision, it puts many of us (myself included) in a precarious position, and I would be remiss if I said that I wasn’t anxious over my finances. 

During these trying times, many of us are losing jobs because of the lack of events to cover, and for those of us who work day-jobs as well, we are still in limbo with our workplace. The option to work from home is available to many, but some who rely primarily on service-based jobs are being set up to continue to struggle. 

Grocery stores are empty and the streets and schools are eerily quiet, and honestly, this feels like a nightmare. It feels the whole world has gone quiet, and the music world is trying to regroup, and here at FH&G, we are collecting resources to try and help our friends and followers and fellow artists. 

Earlier yesterday, Julien Baker posted to his Twitter a WordPress master post with resources for all freelance artists. This list has subsections for Freelancers Union, and general preparedness. This master list provides answers and resources for so many artists (myself included). 

The record label, Deathwish Inc. is currently hosting a “pay what you want” on their bandcamp to ensure that artists can continue to make some money in place of their tours. 

A panel of tour managers is hosting a tour management 101 class on March 26th. It is to teach about tour terminology. A great resource for those looking to learn more about the music industry at this time. Check out the facebook event here.

Free synth apps! This is supposed to be for producers and mixers stuck at home, but who says those of us who aren’t can’t have some fun? It can be your quarantine hobby! Discover this new passion here

Audio production classes. Come on, I know we all want to tour with a band. It would be like living a dream. Well, you can start small. Click here to see some free online classes!

For the freelancers. I know the struggle is more than real right now. Here, a newsletter is being offered for free! It highlights available freelance opportunities. Hopefully you can land a few metaphorical gigs!

Always looking for more education? Maybe from the top schools in the nation? A bunch of Ivy League schools are offering free online courses. You can view a full list in this article.

I’m sure with the stress mounting on you, you need to relax a bit. Some museums decided to make coloring books for free! Destress, and color right here

And finally, to see the bands you missed on tour, check out FH&G’s instagram highlight that has ALL (as many as we could find) the live streams in the coming weeks listed. It’s constantly being updated on our story and in that highlight! 

In the end, all we have is each other. I talked to my dad about this earlier and the advice he gave me was to be kind. Be kind to one another and help where and when you can, we only have each other and from one artist to another we need to work together and be united. Support comes from many venues and sometimes creation is the best medicine, escapism isn’t something we should be ashamed of right now. Please take of yourself and watch out for each other.